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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Start the New Year With a Mindful Morning

By Judson Chaney, ND, LAc

Winter Greetings everyone! As the New Year approaches, many of us begin the age old tradition of thinking of New Year’s resolutions to help improve and advance our lives. In my world, the most often encountered New Year’s Resolution has to do with improving health - exercising more, losing weight, making healthier food choices. These are all wonderful of course, and if they work for you, then please have my best wishes in the New Year. If you are searching for a different type of resolution for the New Year to improve your health, I would suggest the following goal: Start each day with a mindful morning.

What do I mean by this? The morning is an excellent way to start each day in a healthy, energized, mindful way. When you currently think about your daily routine in the morning, are your thoughts pleasing, or are they stressful? For many of us, mornings are a hurried and stressed time, we rush to get things done and prepare for our day. More often than not the mornings can leave one feeling tense or drained before the day has even begun. Therefore, I propose the following challenge to you: think about your morning, and think of three ways you can make it less stressful, more calm, and a healthier start to your day. Write them down on a note and tape it to the mirror you use to get ready in the morning as a daily reminder. When you consider these three things and how to accomplish them daily, you will begin to shift and prioritize your life towards living well every day, and starting off each day in a mindful and healthy way. Simple changes such as eating a healthier breakfast, to an extra 15 minutes to walk the dog, or a 5-minute daily stretching and breathing routine can cause a wonderful ripple effect throughout your entire day, and well into the New Year. Start simply and aim for consistency, and I wish you a healthy and happy 2018!

We are offering several Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction classes in the New Year. Check our website, or call 732-263-7999 to learn more and register. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

New Year’s Resolutions and Goal Setting

By Lisa Sussman, Psy.D.
Health Psychologist
Meridian Integrative Health & Medicine

Happy 2017! As the start of a new year naturally turns our attention towards taking stock and setting a new year’s resolution, you have probably started to think about what you’d like to accomplish or change over the course of this year. “I want to be healthier” or “I want to be happier” are all examples of the first step of resolutions, yet they lack a focus and a structure, which makes them tougher to accomplish. Goal setting is a great tool to guide you as you hone in on the specifics of your resolution and how to get there.

Before you set your goals though, you want to think about the level of commitment you can make towards achieving this resolution. What are your priorities, and how much time do you realistically have to devote to this endeavor? Current work, family, finances, other interests, and health status all need to be considered, as, from year-to-year, goals change due to these factors. The last thing you want to happen is setting the bar too high and feeling disappointed or giving up. You want to set goals that are challenging and help you rise to the next level, but that aren’t too lofty that you are setting yourself up for failure.

Your goals should be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound. For instance, the New Year’s resolution, “I’m going to live a healthier lifestyle” is a good start; however, the lack of specificity may hinder your focus and ability to accomplish this. One way to transform the resolution into a SMART goal is: I’m going to meditate 10 minutes a day and eat 7 servings of fruits and vegetables every day (specific). I will keep a daily log to measure my progress (measurable). I’ve never meditated before so I’ll start by downloading a meditation app, learn the guidelines on how to meditate successfully, and listen to the guided meditations provided. I will pick out and buy one new fruit and one new vegetable to try each week (achievable). I will meditate in the morning before I get out of bed, and I will talk to my family about incorporating more fruits and vegetables into our meals (realistic). I will do this and log my progress for the next six weeks and then assess where I’m at, and make new short-term goals (time-bound). When you turn your resolution into a SMART goal, you will know exactly when you accomplish it, giving you that boost of encouragement to move to work towards the next step as well as the chance to savor the moment and give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back.

So, for 2017, what is an exciting yet realistic goal for you to reach toward? It would be helpful to first brainstorm and write down your ideas, then choose a couple to start with, and rewrite them into a SMART goals format. You can revise them anytime you’d like. Posting your goals in a place you will view them frequently, such as taping them to your computer, the fridge or the steering wheel will help to keep you on task and motivate you.

May you accomplish your resolutions and learn along the way, and Happy New Year!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Finding a Healthy Rhythm with Group Acupuncture

By Judson Chaney N.D., L.Ac.
Meridian Integrative Health & Medicine

One of my mentors once very eloquently described life to me as being "rhythm stacked upon rhythm," in other words we are a symphony of all the rhythms of life and biology, playing side by side. There is the rhythm of the heartbeat, the rhythm of the breath, the rhythm of our hunger and meals, and a rhythm to our sleep and wake cycle. There is a rhythm to our biochemistry, and hormonal cycles. In a grand sense, there are also weekly, monthly, seasonal, and yearly rhythms as well, such as how we start craving yummy savory foods around Thanksgiving, and setting our sights to new plans for the New Year. 

Acupuncture can be a useful ally in helping to establish a new healing rhythm in your life. Acupuncture helps our bodies experience a therapeutic relaxation response. This response can be very helpful in allowing our body the space and resources to respond and recover from life’s demands and stressors. Acupuncture works best when utilized regularly and frequently, because just as the effects of stress are cumulative, so too are the effects of relaxation.   

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Group Acupuncture Services at Meridian Integrative Health & Medicine. Group Acupuncture, also known as Community Acupuncture, is acupuncture provided in a group setting at a low and affordable cost. Group acupuncture helps make treatment more affordable and accessible to everyone, and as such people are able to come more frequently and regularly for their treatment sessions. By coming in frequently and regularly, people are able to receive a greater benefit from acupuncture for their health and wellness. In doing so, they help to establish a new healing rhythm as part of their lifestyle. I encourage you to explore the creation of your own healing rhythms in the New Year, and hope you consider reserving a space for acupuncture within the symphony of your life. Please call 732.994.7855 to schedule your treatment.