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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Being A Part of the Journey Towards Health

By Dean Nelson
Owner/Founder, Dean’s Natural Food Market
Guest Blog

None of us know where things will lead. Thus, when my natural food journey started some 20 odd years ago, who knew where it would take me? The initial premise was simple: provide people with nourishing food, free from artificial ingredients and toxic additives, and provide them with genuine warm service--the level of attention and respect every person deserves.

Though those have always been the core basics of our mission at Dean’s, truth be told, the path has taken a much more meaningful direction. I have the privilege of providing people with employment, which means I get to create an environment I believe coaches, inspires, and brings out the best in people. I have the opportunity to shape the work ethic of young people, employ minorities, and show them the respect all people have a right to.

I have the amazing opportunity to serve people -- great people -- who understand the “why” of what we do. I serve conscious people and get to create consciousness for those willing to discover it. Our customers are changing the world. Having the opportunity to play even the smallest part in that is humbling beyond question.

Our success through customers’ support allows us to influence change in the food system. We get to raise awareness about GMOs, encourage food manufacturers to provide better choices, encourage better farming practices, and ultimately, provide food that nourishes the body and spirit.

Most importantly, I have learned that all things are connected. We are no better or worse than anyone else and are but a part of the whole. I have learned there are amazing people in the world. People dedicated to positive change. People willing to make sacrifices for the sake of humanity and our planet.

I for one am blessed to be a part of the journey.