Physician Consultations

Integrative medicine physicians are board certified by the American Board of Physician Specialties, and most have obtained board certification in internal medicine, family practice, osteopathy, or another specialty.

An integrative medicine physician will address physical symptoms, along with lifestyle, habits, nutrition, level of activity, and consider the causes of stress that may be impacting your health.

What to expect at an integrative medicine consultation:

  • The initial appointment is one hour.
  • A comprehensive history will be completed. You will be asked to complete information prior to your appointment
  • Laboratory tests may be ordered to further evaluate the underlying cause of symptoms, illness, or disease.
  • A comprehensive plan will be developed with you and may include consultation with other integrative health providers such as our nutritionist, health psychologist, and health coach.
  • You will be scheduled for follow up visits to review tests and track your progress.