Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Start the New Year With a Mindful Morning

By Judson Chaney, ND, LAc

Winter Greetings everyone! As the New Year approaches, many of us begin the age old tradition of thinking of New Year’s resolutions to help improve and advance our lives. In my world, the most often encountered New Year’s Resolution has to do with improving health - exercising more, losing weight, making healthier food choices. These are all wonderful of course, and if they work for you, then please have my best wishes in the New Year. If you are searching for a different type of resolution for the New Year to improve your health, I would suggest the following goal: Start each day with a mindful morning.

What do I mean by this? The morning is an excellent way to start each day in a healthy, energized, mindful way. When you currently think about your daily routine in the morning, are your thoughts pleasing, or are they stressful? For many of us, mornings are a hurried and stressed time, we rush to get things done and prepare for our day. More often than not the mornings can leave one feeling tense or drained before the day has even begun. Therefore, I propose the following challenge to you: think about your morning, and think of three ways you can make it less stressful, more calm, and a healthier start to your day. Write them down on a note and tape it to the mirror you use to get ready in the morning as a daily reminder. When you consider these three things and how to accomplish them daily, you will begin to shift and prioritize your life towards living well every day, and starting off each day in a mindful and healthy way. Simple changes such as eating a healthier breakfast, to an extra 15 minutes to walk the dog, or a 5-minute daily stretching and breathing routine can cause a wonderful ripple effect throughout your entire day, and well into the New Year. Start simply and aim for consistency, and I wish you a healthy and happy 2018!

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  1. Thanks Judson! I start each day with a 10 minute meditation to help ground myself and start the day off with a "fresh mindful start". I agree, the mirror is a best reflection of yourself for looking good and now noting how to feel good!